A Nice Day For A White Wedding!

The 26th March 2019, we woke at 6 am jumped in the car and headed out on the second leg of our podcast roadshow!

We headed South on the M1 for 127 miles, until we reached our destination… Dress Me Pretty Bridal Room in Hinckley, near Leicester.

The shop is a lovely boutique style bridal shop, which has an amazing array of wedding dresses, perfect for a bride who is looking for something that little bit different.

The shop is run by the owner Amy Mann, who agreed to chat with us on the podcast. We wanted her views on what to look for when sourcing your wedding dress. Obviously both Dominic and I, being male, and never having had any experience wearing or buying dresses in the past!! Which I hope comes as no surprise!! We thought that it would be better to get the opinion of Amy who has a great deal of knowledge as this is her area of expertise.

We chatted to Amy and asked her what her shop offers brides. They stock the dresses the Bridesmaids and also shoes and wedding accessories. She told us about how to book an appointment at the shop and why it’s a great idea to book an appointment so that the bride to be can really take their time and decide on the perfect dress. Given the choice of wedding dresses out there and also the emphasis put on brides to look good on the wedding day, we can only imagine that this could be rather a daunting process for many bride and grooms.

We also asked her about how she got involved in bridal retail and also what the future held for Dress Me Pretty. They are opening a new ship next door, this is their third shop which shows that the company really is expanding. Word spreads quickly in the modern age and many bride-to-be’s will travel to the shop from London and also from the coast. This really ins testimont to the shop and also what it has to offer.


We would like to thank Amy for her advice on the podcast and also congratulate her on having such a thriving business.

Amy pictured with Dominic and Kieran, during the recording of the podcast.

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