Keeping The Dance floor Busy

Being in a wedding band like Rock My Reception is always a case of having to second guess what the audience want to hear next.

Often we work up to 3 or sometimes 4 songs in front deciding what we will play next. We find this is the most successful way of working as opposed to rigidly sticking to a set-list.

When the dance floor gets busy we have to work hard at keeping everyone up there dancing. Here is a list of which songs we find to be most successful at keeping the energy up…. Continue reading

Guitar Spotters

Here is another insightful blog from Dominic, from the U.Ks best award winning wedding band Rock My Reception, I hope you enjoy it!

A few years ago Paul McCartney walked into a music shop in America. The owner, obviously trying to glean a bit of technical wisdom out of him, asked what kind of bass strings he used, to which he replied ‘long shiny ones’.
One would imagine the shopkeeper must have been rather nonplussed at this somewhat insouciant and un-technical response; especially coming from one of the most famous musicians on the planet. Continue reading

Noel Edmunds- part of my rise to stardom ;)

Dom from Rock My Reception trying not to be bitter about entertainment in the 90s!…..

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away- well mainly Huddersfield- a 14 year old Doms’ Saturday night would consist of tea and Noel’s House Party. Being too old to be out building dens and too young to be out boozing, the early 90’s proved to be a depressing trough in adolescence. I’m not singling myself out here, by the way. It was probably the same for most people of my age- hormones raging through the body without any forewarning and still not old enough to make any sense of mother natures bonkers gifts. The one recourse was to retreat into my hallowed pit and indulge in the one pastime I could completely indulge myself in: and don’t reach for the smelling salts, I don’t mean ‘that!’ Music. The one saviour of my sanity in a world of Mr Blobby and Noel Tidy Beard! Continue reading

Music Psychology?!?!

Here in this weeks blog from rock my reception as we share our experience, playing acoustic guitar for a a whole host of weddings and applying a little psychology.

Music is an important element for any celebration, whether it may be a birthday party, wedding or Christmas end of year works do. Along with all the visual decorations and trimmings music is vital to the whole atmosphere of the event. Without it a function can seem very flat indeed- a large room with reverberating voices chattering can resemble the moments leading up to a town hall meeting. Continue reading

Singing In The Rain With Rock My Reception

Acoustic guitars come rain or shine has inspired this weeks blog from Dom from Rock My Reception:
Living in Britain has plenty of advantages for a wedding couple. There are beautiful, medieval churches or grand town halls to hold your ceremony. There are plenty of scenic locations to hold your reception- many of which we’ve played at could have easily doubled for a middle earth set in Lord Of The Rings. Also, everywhere in The U.K. is comparatively reachable for guests to travel to without having to spend money on an airline ticket and be herded off to an unknown land with all the fear and trepidation of the England football team.Sadly, the only drawback for a wedding set in this green and pleasant land is the inevitable, unpredictable nature of the weather. No matter what month you plan a wedding, you can guarantee the weather will do something atypical for that time of year. When brides and grooms look to hire Rock My Reception wedding band, we’ve turned up at weddings where you’d expect baby lambs to be gambolling amongst the daffodils, instead, to be 3 foot deep in snow and everyone suffering chill-blanes. Equally, in seasons more associated with inclement weather, we’ve been basking in flag-cracking temperatures, almost dying from sun-stroke. Its the nature of the beast, it’s out of your hands: you can’t plan for British weather.So, what do you do when the heavens decide to open and unleash rainfall of biblical proportions upon your gathered throng? Well, the good news is that any wedding venue worth its salt these days are prepared for such occasions. Marquees today could probably withstand a 50 megaton nuclear blast and umbrellas are always on hand to escort the guests from their cars to the main location. Continue reading