Rock My Reception

Live music with a difference!

For a festival chic, laid-back acoustic feel wedding, Rock My Reception are the live music choice for you. They can learn any songs for your wedding and play the sound-track to your day.

Having just won ‘Best Newcomer’ at  The 2014  Wedding Industry Awards they are perfect for any music loving couple.

“The guitar’s alright John, but you’ll never make a living out of it”

Here is Dom from wedding band Rock My Reception and this weeks blog…..

There is a quote in Beatles folklore which has been re-printed in many of the umpteen biographies, ‘definitive-history-of’ books, and quoted by Lennon himself in interviews. It is a comment Lennon’s Aunt Mimi made to him as a teenager when focussing more on his burgeoning passion for guitars and all things rock and roll rather than, on what she saw, his ‘serious’ studies at the Liverpool College of Art. Continue reading

Rock My Reception/Congregation!

Last week live wedding singers Rock My Reception played during a wedding ceremony in Durham. Dominic from Rock My Reception describes the event……

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year playing in the acoustic wedding band Rock My Reception that is couples really want there reception to be rocked! Evening do’s especially. As the night goes on people really want to let down there hair, have a good old knees up and dance to the good old classics that would be the staple diet of any d.j.’s set list; Neil Diamonds ‘Sweet Caroline’, Andy Williams ‘Just too good to be true’ and Chuck Berrys ‘Teenage Wedding’ from the film Pulp Fiction to name but a few. Infact, there is rarely any variation between different couples choices of songs for an evening set. The diversity usually occurs in song choices for the ceremony as couples often choose songs personal to them. Granted, 2014 has seen John Legends ‘All of Me’ become a favourite somewhere within the ceremony- contemporary songs often being somewhere on the list, so one couples choices in particular, pleasantly caught us of guard this year…. Continue reading

Early Bird Catches The Morning Worm

Woody Allen once said that 90% of success was down to showing up. Being the sales guy who’s there to answer the calls in the office or the restaurant owner who’s there at the door to greet all their customers personally. But hey- what’s the point of a good adage if you can’t change it? Simply just turning up is fine if you’re off for a job interview or you need to show your face at an event but for a wedding we’ve learned that making a good impression is about turning up ‘on time’. Even better still, get there a little early.

Punctuality on a wedding day isn’t seen as a pleasantry. It is an absolute necessity. Whereas in a pub situation if a band turn up half an hour late, yes it is unprofessional, yes they could get their pay docked, but as long as they make haste, get set up and crack on with their barnstorming set all will be soon forgiven. Tardiness at a wedding however, no matter how much a musician could potentially redeem themselves with their skill and showmanship, is a big black mark against them in an industry which relies heavily upon word of mouth recommendations and reputation. For example a sound bite of “The band was great…but they cut it a bit fine” could obviously lose out to the next bands plaudit of “The band was great…they even got there in plenty of time”.  Continue reading

Late Nights With Rock My Reception

The Nocturnal side of the acoustic wedding band rock my reception….

It’s only Rock n Roll, but I like it! So sang the rubber-lipped, chamois leather-faced Mick Jagger extolling the virtues of, not only Rock music in general, but the whole ethos of the hard living, hedonistic lifestyle which Rock n Roll entails. Indeed, when we think of rock-stars, or even musicians in general, probably one of the first things they’re synonymous with is their nocturnal habits. Like a lad on an 18-30 holiday, the idea of waking up before midday is a definite no-go and the party rarely gets started till at least 9pm.  Continue reading

Wedding At The Secret Garden

Rock My Receptions recent wedding in South Yorkshire at The Secret Garden:

You’re right in the middle of the planning stage of your wedding. You’ve been to numerous wedding fayres, collected handfuls of leaflets and brochures advertising all kinds of accoutrements to add to the special occasion. The one thing thats playing heavily on your minds is that all important venue to house the big day. There’s a venue you’ve both got your eyes on. It’s near perfect- the setting is beautiful and idyllic, the staff are friendly and accommodating and it’s well within your budget. Sadly, there’s one thing that let’s it down; there’s a troublesome neighbour who complains relentlessly about noise coming from the venue whenever a wedding function takes place. The environmental health bods have been round and the upshot of it all is the venue are only allowed to have totally acoustic music so as not to upset said neighbour. Hmmm… Continue reading