Presentation is vital in any serious business venture. It marks the difference between, what could be perceived to have been a hobby or pastime, to a bona fide attempt to establish oneself as a credible contender in your given field. Music is a perfect example of this and it’s something in Rock My Reception we’ve been constantly honing, improving and changing. Continue reading

Rock My Reception Acoustic Wedding

Armed with just their voices and acoustic guitars Rock My Reception recently played for Scottish guests at a wedding. 

The crowd were great and the stage and dance-floor were shared by both the band, the guests and the bride and groom. The wedding guests took the lead on the vocals and even harmonised throughout the songs. Rock My Reception played renditions of Donald Where’s Your Trousers, Caledonia amongst other classics from the Highlands and Lowlands of bonnie Scotland! The night finished off with a version of 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. Continue reading

Rock To The Future

It’s incredible to think that the dawn of the 21st century is now nearly 15 years ago. For my fellow 30-somethings the time that has elapsed has seen us grow from young adults starting new jobs, gaining qualifications, going out on the pull, drinking a weeks worth of recommended alcohol units in one night, to mortgage paying, pension planning, family orientated adults- a night on the sesh now happening once a blue moon with a 3 day hangover as souvenir. Continue reading

Out Of Season Weddings with Rock My Reception

Acoustic wedding band rock my reception and winter weddings:

Inspired by the thoughts of cosy weddings surrounded by open fires, the snow coming down out side and imagine rock my reception playing acoustic guitar for your guests!… an out of wedding season wedding seems like an attractive prospect. In a previous blog I mentioned that we were looking at ways of introducing couples to our Winter/Spring wedding discount packages-our summer bookings already looking healthy and coming in thick and fast! So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of booking in what is considered to be ‘out of season’.

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1980s style wedding d.js

Our recent acoustic set at a wedding recently is the inspiration for this weeks blog rock my reception:

There is no getting away from the fact that if you have a party of any form you are going to need music. End of. Without it, you essentially have a ‘gathering’ or a ‘meeting’, so in order for a party to maintain any atmosphere you’ll need music. Like a kind of social lubricant It gives the party pace, mood and fills the awkward gaps when the conversation may have come to a brief standstill. It’s what gives you’re party it’s swing- but what form of music do you choose…? Continue reading