A Truly Magical Wedding Backdrop

Autumn is a season that can totally divide opinion depending on your natural bent. On the one hand it can be a time of year to look forward to the build up to Christmas, going to bonfire parties, while the leaves fall from the trees. On the other hand, it’s a murky, damp time of year with very little sunlight, where you are left wishing that you could stay in bed throughout its entire duration!

Booking weddings in the U.K can be a tricky business when it comes to weather and seasons. You could book a day in the peak of the summer season and have to contend with a freak torrential downpour. Or book a mid-winter wedding to be greeted by sunshine and crisp, clear blue skies.

For wedding couple Richard and Deborah Priest, who booked Rock My Reception for their day, the Autumnal wedding worked out to be perfect. Continue reading


Occasionally in life certain opportunities are presented to you which you grab automatically with both hands like a toddler snatching at a new toy. They’re a magical punctuation in life that can lead you in any direction. These opportunities can also often spiral into a whirlwind of success- this is why you should never, ever turn them down. One particular opportunity which Rock My Reception leapt on was the chance to play the ceremony music for the regional finals of the prestigious National Wedding Industry Awards. A whistle-stop tour of England performing in a handful of the countries finest wedding venues and the chance to play in front of the industries top suppliers. Continue reading