Hafod Farm- North Wales

Rock My Recception, at Hafod Farm, North Wales

Well, ones things for sure: we can’t say we never get variety! From the mountainous climbs of the Northumbrian fells to the sweeping, the, luxurious gardens of Berkshires finest hotels, we’ve already had the pleasure of singing and strumming in some of the countries most aesthetically pleasing backdrops. Our last gig, however, took us to the heart of Conwy Valley, Northern Snowdonia at the beautiful Hafod Farm.  Continue reading

Prague Wedding

Everyone has their own ambitions in life. These personal goals they want to tick off their wish list, i.e. swimming with Dolphins, meeting a celebrity or climbing Mount Everest barefoot. Musicians are no exception to these yearnings and in Rock My Reception one of our dreams was to get an overseas wedding booking. It was thanks to Frank and Jenny Lewis, our wish came true… Continue reading

Oaks Hotel, Burnley

We have recently been clocking up quite a tally of weddings in the North-West; this area covering a wide expanse ranging from Warrington to Clitheroe and recently, to Burnley. If there’s one thing to be said for these Lancastrians, they sure know how to party! Continue reading