Harewood House- wedding band Rock My Reception

Harewood House wedding with live acoustic singers rock my reception

One of the questions we often get asked is ‘do you ever play midweek weddings?’, to which the answer would be ‘Yes, of course- we’ll gladly play Monday to Friday!’. Of course the number of bookings we actually get for Monday to Thursday weddings are significantly smaller than Friday to Sunday bookings as they have the obvious benefits of guests not having to work the next day and people generally being able to let their hair down more. However, midweek weddings do have their advantages, particularly when it comes to price reduction and with a bit of forward planning, a good old knees-up can still be had. On Tuesday May 26th 2015 at Harewood House on the outskirts of Leeds was the perfect case in point.

Yes, Tuesday may seem to be an unusual day to have a wedding ceremony and reception, but that didn’t stop the sun from coming out in full strength (weather always being a gamble when booking a wedding). Neither did it stop the staff at Harewood House from pulling out all stops and ensuring everything went running smoothly for the couples big day. We have had the pleasure of playing at a wedding ceremony in the grounds of Harewood House before and on both occasions the sun shone down into the beautiful Grade I listed courtyard making it the perfect setting for guests to enjoy their evening drinks basking in the warmth of the springtime sun. Although having set up our lighting and sound equipment in one of the surrounding banqueting rooms, to play for guests in this majestic backdrop was an opportunity not to be missed, so we set up between some of the courtyards fine Corinthian Columns and played a half hour set while guests chatted and helped themselves to crepes from the vintage crepe van parked at the far side of the courtyard.

It was also a pleasure for us to meet up with a previous Groom who’s wedding reception we had played at in East Keswick, who was here today in the role of wedding film and photographer. As we played in the evening sunlight he’d captured some excellent footage of the children dancing to our rendition of Jessie Jays ‘Price Tag’.

As the sun finally dropped lower onto the horizon we made our way into the banqueting suite: a spacious room complete with original oak beams, capable of accommodating 120 guests and perfect for the evening dance.The first dance chosen was The Waterboys beautiful ‘How long will I love you?’, recently covered by Taylor Swift, as their first dance and the whole floor was filled with guests who joined along in dancing along with them bride and groom, who had also come up the fantastic idea of printing menus with our song lists on so that guests could pick and choose their favourite songs to played and request them to us. We also had the pleasure of one guest coming up to sing with us her beautiful rendition of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’.

We took a brief break for the buffet and played background music from our DJ booth. Very soon we were back on and people were dancing right up until midnight! Some of the guests had even come from as far as Plymouth and were particularly impressed by our Oasis back-catalogue! When asked if we’d like to play at their wedding when they’d set a date we readily agreed and told them that distance was certainly not an issue!

Happy couple and their guests alike, proved that a midweek wedding certainly can be just as romantic and a joyous occasion as any weekend ceremony.

Cubley Hall wedding band Rock My Reception

Rock My Reception live Cubley Hall, Penistone, South Yorkshire.

Being a travelling wedding band we get to see a rich variety of wedding venues around the country, from grand stately homes to the cosy working men’s club function room: we’ve played the lot! We’ve also played them in all seasons this frequently rain-sodden country has to offer, often adapting accordingly, rushing in from the elements to set up and play in the snug warmth for a fireside singalong.

Cubley Hall in Penistone is one of the venues we’ve had the fortune of playing several wedding events throughout the years, although never for an outdoor event. This was to be rectified for the beautifully resplendent summer wedding ceremony of happy couple Mathew and Katie Walker in Cubley Hall’s gardens.

It was Saturday 27th June 2015 and luck was on everyone’s side in Penistone as today it was decreed that the British summer would prove it possible to provide temperatures comparable with the Meditteranian . Although the day started off slightly breezy, Cubley Hall’s grand Garden Pavillion was in readiness for the couple to exchange their vows, already adorned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We arranged ourselves at the side of the Pavillion so that we could be heard, but positioned inconspicuously to the side of the proceedings; we always think it important that the main focus of attention, especially for the ceremony, should be the proceedings with the Bride and Groom. We aim to be heard, but our presence, unless requested otherwise, should be on the periphery.

As guests were arriving, we not only played a selection of songs like ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and the requested ‘Songbird’ by Oasis, but also utilised the Ukelele for songs like ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and ‘It must be love’. The Ukelele has Hawaiian roots, therefore embellishing the already summery feel to the afternoon. It was now time for Katie to make her grand entrance; and how stunning she looked as she made her way down the lawn towards the Pavillion to the strains of Snow Patrols ‘Chasing Cars’, the backdrop of the scenic Peak District countryside glowing in the sunshine. Being Indie music fans, Mathew and Katie had asked for a rendition of Wonderwall to played as opposed to a formal reading. Many times a song can be just as pertinent and meaningful as a piece of poetry, prose or speech. Say it all with a song.

As the newly wedded Mr and Mrs Walker made their way down the steps of the Pavillion to grab a glass of champagne we played The Stone Roses ‘Sally Cinnamon’, carrying on to play to the guests who were basking in the glorious sunshine and continued to do so whilst Mathew and Katie were driven by the photographer to Langsett Reservoir for some stunning wedding photos to be taken: When gifted with the amazing rolling countryside setting that South Yorkshire has to offer, it’s vital to grab it with both hands!

Note to anyone who, like myself may not have the same follicular coverage as it may have done 20 years earlier, when attending a blistering summer wedding: Wear a hat!

At 4:30pm we all made our way to Cubley Halls barn dining area, complete with stone floors, high ceilings and oak beams. Having both played at this venue in winter and summer months we can say that it is perfect for all seasons: in the winter month’s it is warm, cosy and has a truly festive air about the place. In summer, the barn is well ventilated and not stifling as some venues can be, especially at meal times. Katie and Mathew had even offered us and the photographer a carvery meal which we greatly appreciated after our wedding breakfast set. Katie’s fathers speech was brilliant, warm and he gently poked fun at Mathews support of Barnsley FC! He even thanked us during his speech- completely unexpected, unnecessary but again, appreciated.

As ourselves and Greg the DJ set up for the evening we agreed to play for 2 hours solidly from 8:30pm to 10:30pm a let him take over the DJ set immediately after us. Mathew and Katie took to the floor to play their first dance ‘Everlong’ by The Foofighters. This was the second time we’d played this song as a first dance in a fortnight and I hope we get asked for it again soon as it’s a superb track to play acoustically.

Mathew and Katie’s guests were fantastic and really gave it their all on the dance floor. The atmosphere of the whole day was incredible and all their guests got into the spirit by having their photos taken in the fancy dress van later!

We would both like to take this opportunity to thank Mathew and Katie for asking us to rock their reception and wish them both a great honeymoon and a happy future together as Mr and Mrs Walker.

Bowburn Hall, Rock My Reception wedding band

The latest blog from acoustic wedding band rock my reception and their wedding at Bowburn Hall near Durham:

rock my reception wedding

July 2015 is here. So far the British Summer has been throwing at us temperatures of 36 degrees during the day, and lightning and thunderstorms of biblical proportions at night, in equal measure. For Rock My Reception the wedding season has truly begun, in earnest, as we dart our way up and down the British Isles to play wedding couple up and down the aisles!

Saturday 3rd July saw us at the wedding of Paul and Lindsey at Bowburn Hall just off the A1 in Durham, and with Lindsey’s family being Geordies (Newcastle based) and Paul’s being Mackem’s (from over the water Sunderland) we knew that this was going to be a wedding of good natured banter and a good old knees ‘up!

The wedding venue of Bowburn Hall was an easy drive from York up the A1 and nestles within 5 acres of beautiful landscape gardens. At a distance of only 2.5 miles from Durham City it is one of the areas most intimate and luxurious wedding venues, with several wedding packages on offer. We arrived in plenty of time and set up our speakers in the dining hall for the wedding breakfast set and our instruments outdoors for the wedding ceremony.

The weather outside was perfect and we were greeted by the best man-also called Paul-who had a brilliant idea for us to accompany him in his best man speech; more of which later! The registrar came over to introduce herself and told us she was from Sandal, near Wakefield: just up the road from where myself and Kieran grew up! As guests started making their way to the seating area, we were positioned to the side of the venues beautiful Pavilion where the exchanging of the vows were to take place. At one point the male registrar moved his desk into a more shaded area, revealing the female registrars handbag.
One of the guests shouted, “Oi mate, you’ve forgotten your handbag”
To which he replied, “Nah not mine- wrong Colour!”

Lindsey and Paul had chosen a great selection of Indie titles to be played for their ceremony. As musicians who grew up with the sounds of the 90’s bands ringing from our stereo’s it’s always a pleasure to play the music of our youth, especially when it’s the more obscure titles. In this case we had been requested ‘This is the one’ by The Stone Roses, Kodalines ‘The One’ and ‘Gravity’ by Embrace, ending by playing the happy couple down the aisle to The Cures ‘Fridays I’m in love’.

After we had played the ceremony we played a drinks reception in the sun drenched gardens of Bowburn Hall. Soon after, it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches. As a break from tradition, instead of the usual Beatles ‘All you need is love’ to play as the couple are announced to take their seats for the wedding breakfast, Lindsey had specifically requested us to play Beyonce’s ‘Crazy right now’ which was a fun choice and certainly a first for us! I can honestly say everyone’s speeches were perfect and reduced the room to tears; especially brides father, Con, who brilliantly, and unintentionally, made a Freudian Slip when naming incorrectly one of the bridesmaids;

“Thankyou to Emma..”
“It’s ‘Gemma'”
“Oh sorry Gemma- I must’ve had my finger on your G”

Cue hysterical laughter and schoolboy giggling!

Paul described how he and Lindsay had met in Arizona: Newcastle’s finest nightclub! Best man, Paul also delivered a pitch perfect speech where he’d previously asked us to launch into the Righteous Brothers famous Top Gun hit ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ which worked brilliantly-especially when his girlfriend joined in!

Not only were treated by Paul and Lindsey to sample the fine food of Bowburn Hall, but their guests were so friendly, forthcoming and kept us on our toes with requests. We knew that the evening reception was going to be a great night as everyone joined Lindsey and Paul for their first dance song, Deacon Blue’s beautiful ‘Dignity’. Not only did everyone get up dancing, but they also knew all the words! And it didn’t stop there: guests stayed on the dance floor for the duration of our first set asking for requests-particularly from the 80’s. We eagerly obliged with tracks like Human League’s ‘Don’t you want me baby’ and Spandau Ballets ‘Gold’. The first set had gone amazingly well and the DJ had taken over whilst the buffet was being served. During the break I had the pleasure of chatting one guest who explained that he loved playing the guitar and that he’d love to play on stage but didn’t want to sing. I suggested to him that perhaps he could find someone who had an equal yearning for singing and maybe they could join forces and take to the stage together to play a few songs in one of Newcastle’s music venues.

Taking over for a second set after a DJ can sometimes be a difficult task as the drop in volume to acoustic guitars can be noticeable after the heavy bass and beats from a DJ set. However, there were no worries where Paul, Lindsey and their guests were concerned as they all flocked back to the dance floor and we had the pleasure of playing one of the very best evening sets we’ve had the pleasure to play. We even managed to get some footage of the proceedings and were asked for an enchore, as we played Hey Jude, 500 Miles and Dignity again, to equal delight from the audience.

It was a real pleasure to play for Paul, Lindsey and their guests that Saturday in July. We honestly could have carried on partying with everyone for the entire evening. It was a perfect wedding in so many ways and we wish Paul and Lindsey both a very happy future together.

Crow Hill Marsden- rock my reception

Rock My Reception are the perfect band for a sound restricted venue, as tour latest blog from Crow Hill, Marden points out…

It’s Saturday 18th July 2015 and 30 years ago a 7 year old me was watching Live Aid on BBC 1 wearing my Spider-Man t-shirt, taking all the rock ‘n’ roll malarkey in!

30 years on and myself and Kieran’s apprenticeship in bands had been served long ago, quite fittingly through playing many gigs in the village of Marsden; and it was here that we were that we were booked to play the prestigious Crow Hill wedding venue.

This was to be our third outing at Crow Hill and today would see us play a drinks reception, wedding breakfast and first dance. We arrived in plenty of time to set up before the happily wedded couple Hayley and Ben, plus their guests made their entrance.

As quite often the case this year, we were lucky with the weather and so being, were able to set up under the venues China Hat open sided Marquee and play to guests for the champagne reception. We weren’t short of requests from the enthusiastic audience, including Rod Stewart favourites ‘Maggie May’ and ‘Handbags and Gladrags’. Other songs requested were hits from Shed 7, The Smiths and ‘She will be loved’ by Maroon 5. It’s always great for musicians to play in the outdoors as you get to fill your lungs full of air, plus it’s great to take in the scenery, particularly of the National Trust Marsden Moor Estate.

After a couple of hours the guests made their way into the marquee which was at its maximum seating capacity of 150 guests. This was a great gathering of family and friends and we played Hayley and Ben to their seats with a rousing chorus of ‘All you need is love’. Throughout the wedding breakfast we played a selection of wedding classics, such as Bruno Mars ‘I’m Yours’ and Jason Mraz, to which we even got a round of applause while guests were eating. This was especially kind and also greatly appreciated as we always maintain that during the wedding breakfast our intention is to play quiet background music- so a big thank you to Ben and Hayley’s guests and glad you enjoyed!

While the wedding speeches were underway we were kindly brought a meal by Crow Hill’s staff and excellent food it was too. The staff then quickly turned around the room for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. Hayley and Ben had asked for George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’- a particular favourite of mine and we were delighted by how many guests joined them on the dancefloor. We continued to play up until 9 o’clock when the DJ took over for the evening. Hayley and Ben’s wedding was so well attended with a great age group mixture and everyone really embraced the day.

It was a total joy for us to be part of Hayley and Ben’s day and would like to not only thank them for booking our services that July day in 2015, but to also wish them a very happy future together.


Polhawn Fort Wedding Band- Rock My Reception

Polhawn Fort in Rame near Plymouth is the setting for acoustic band Rock My Reception’s blog…

It’s the tail end of July 2015 and Rock My Reception has been brought to one of the most scenic and cinematic locations Britain has to offer, for this was the wedding of Steph and Jamie at Polhawn Fort, a deeply romantic and historic Napoleonic Fort situated on the coastal region of Rame in Cornwall.

Being from Yorkshire both myself and Kieran have already been spoilt by some of the most beautiful countryside views this island has to offer, however the South-West has it’s own unique splendor which is magnified during the summer period. Indeed today the weather is a scorcher and what with the breathtaking clear blue seascape and palm trees nestling amongst the greenery these tell-tale signs remind you just how closer you are to the equator.

Infact, it was not only ourselves who had travelled down from the North to be here, but most of Steph and Jamie’s family and friends had made the journey from Cheshire and North Wales also. The payoff for the long journey was apparent as soon we arrived; this was a perfect venue for a wedding party and as close to a luxury foreign location as you could get. Sun, sea and a beautiful vista stretching out for miles.

Upon our arrival we first made our way down a granite spiral staircase from the fort down to The Garden House where the ceremony was about to take place. As guests began to take their places we seated ourselves to the side of the proceedings to play our chosen pieces. Steph had liaised with Kieran in the previous weeks and decided on our acoustic version of Christina Perry’s ‘Thousand Years’ for her grand entrance, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Tenerife Sea’ and Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ for the signing of the register. Fine choices and Jamie and Steph even danced down the aisle to our rendition of The Imagine Dragons’ ‘On top of the world’ which was lovely to see a couple looking so relaxed and we could tell immediately that they were both into their music, as were the guests.

We then made our way back up the granite stairs to the roof area of the fort to play a selection of requests for guests ranging from Bowie to Oasis. Whilst we played the guests chatted and were served champagne, fresh ice creams and freshly baked scones in the Mediterranean-like sunshine. The sea-gulls circling high above could only have been watching the proceedings with sheer envy!

Just prior to the wedding breakfast function in the Marquee we were all invited to join Steph and Jamie on the forts private beach, a short walk down a winding path along the cliff side. The guests joined in the fun and frolics rolling up their trousers and finery for a paddle in the sea whilst we provided a soundtrack of sea related tunes like The Beatles ‘Octopuses Garden’ and Rod Stewarts ‘We are sailing’!

At first Jamie and Steph were about to take to their seats without a formal introduction, however Kieran suggested the idea of announcing the couple and acquired a gong from the staff to grab everyone’s attention as I sang ‘All you need is love’ as they made their way to the head table. Obviously we never want to be obtrusive and detract in any way from the couples big day, however if we can provide any extra touches to embellish the day we will certainly always do our best to seize an opportunity.

The speeches were not only warm, hilarious and filled with anecdotes from their first date at the cinema through to their time at uni together. As the meals were presented to the guests we started getting more and more requests and got everyone singing along to ‘Brown eyed girl’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’. One guest even remarked ‘I don’t know how you both know so many songs; you’re like a fleshy jukebox!’ This is one of the most brilliant descriptions of us I’ve ever heard and may use that on my passport!!

Time was ticking on and the scorching weather was dying down to a more comfortable warm breeze. We carried on till 8pm more than happily taking requests from the guests who had been so kind as to keep bringing us glasses of water and Steph even invited us to grab some tea from the buffet. Another magical point of the evening occurred when Dolphins were spotted in the sea giving an impromptu performance to the gathered spectators. Not many couples can claim to have had Dolphins at their reception!

One superb wedding supplier who definitely shouldn’t go without a mention is that of Christian Michael, the photographer who took some masterfully epic photos that day. As an extra treat for Jamie and Steph we asked them if they would once more like to be accompanied to the beach for a final soirée as the sun was going down. They both agreed so ourselves and a handful of guests made our way to the beach which looked majestic in the warm orange glow of the sun sinking into the horizon. Christian, effortlessly set up the cameras tripod in readiness to capture the moment of the sun going down with Jamie, Steph along with friends posing for some of the most priceless shots we’ve ever seen- we were also invited to join them for a couple of shots as we sang ‘Hey Jude’ into Elbow’s ‘One day like this’. A truly memorable moment and we honoured to be a part of it.

As a farewell to Steph and Jamie and their guests we finally played the Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’ as we marched up the steep pathway back to the Forts Garden Lawn: a certain test of endurance for all!!

We were so thrilled to be a part of Steph and Jamie’s wedding on what was such a perfect day from start to finish. Rock My Reception would like to take this opportunity to wish them both, and their family and friends, all the very best for a happy future.

St. Mellions, Cornwall

Another blog from Rock My Reception acoustic wedding singers playing at St. Mellions in Cornwall.

As many wedding couples will undoubtedly know, the preparations and planning for a wedding day can sometimes begin well over a year before the big day itself and in the case of Janice and Nic, they first booked Rock My Reception to play at their wedding way back in October 2013. As Chaucer’s quote quite rightly states ‘Time and tide wait for no man’ and low and behold Saturday 13th June 2015 was upon us. Continue reading

Ringwood Hall

Rock My Reception and their wedding at Ricngwood Hall near Chesterfield

Where to get married? Choosing a wedding venue is probably the biggest decision a couple will make in the planning of their big day. Apart from the Bride and Groom themselves, the venue will be the next major character of the day, not only in its practical capacity as a location to cater for the party, but it’s aesthetic qualities which will set the tone and mood of the whole day. For Huddersfield couple Francesca and Paul McGuire, traveling a few miles south was not an issue when they hit upon their perfect wedding venue; The Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield.

Neither was it a problem for their guests, whom for the majority had also made their way down from Huddersfield on this sunny-if not a tad breezy-Saturday in June. It’s always a pleasure for us to play for couples who we’ve known for some years and in the case of Paul, Francesca and many of there guests, they’d all been old-school followers of myself and Kieran back in the distant past of us playing on the pub circuit in our old 4-piece rock band, so right from the off-set this wedding had a reunion feel about it. Ringwood Hall, itself, is located on the edge of the Peak District and the Grade II listed Georgian manor is surrounded by 29 acres of grounds, ideal for the perfect wedding photos.

IMG_20150606_125920 2-min

Our first port of call was to prepare for the wedding ceremony which was to be held in the front garden by the Garden Pavilion. This was a beautiful choice of location and provided a fresh spring setting for the exchanging of vows. Today also provided a ceremony with a twist as we were joined by Francesca’s sister, Emily, on Alto Saxophone. Emily, an extremely talented musician who had studied at Leeds College of Music, had liaised with us a few days before and discussed with us which songs she would like to join us on. The choices ended up being ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E King and ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beatles. It took us literally only five minutes to have a quick rehearsal and sort out which keys to play the songs in and we were ready to go! Although the wind was whipping through the trees somewhat, it did nothing to detract from the perfect setting and how beautiful Francesca looked in her dress. Paul was the height of sophistication in his new suit and both looked, as always, perfectly matched as a couple. As Francesca glided down the red carpet to the strains of Stand By Me, the sunshine burst through, illuminating the whole garden and the entourage. A truly wondrous moment for all. The whole ceremony went without a hitch and we enjoyed having Emily join us so much, we had to ask her if it would be possible to use her musical talents for one more point in the proceedings…..



For the afternoon drinks reception we, and the guests, vacated the garden to the more intimate setting of the bar area in the hotel. We were given free reign to play just about anything we fancied. As we were booked to play only up until the speeches there was no holding back any of the more up-tempo material for an evening set, so we gave it our all with some rocking and rolling material. One of Paul’s favourite tunes requested on many occasions before had always been Paul McCartney’s brilliant ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’ from
Wings hit album ‘Band On The Run’. Francesca also requested Oasis’s ballad ‘Songbird’. We were also required to join in the celebrations outside by having our photos taken alongside the guests for a group shot. The photographers had a clear idea on how to utilise the beautiful surroundings available and arranged everyone at the foot of the garden steps to look up and on the count of 3, give a big cheer to the camera- complete with the throwing of confetti!

It was almost time for the wedding breakfast and this is where we needed the assistance of Emily again. Before the couple are seated, as the Master Of Ceremonies announce them in, we often strike up a few bars of a song as they make their way to their seats. This song is usually ‘All You Need Is Love’, though as we’d already played it for the ceremony, we struck upon the idea of playing the opening bars of Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’. With Emily on Sax, this was an opportunity we simply couldn’t miss! It was a total pleasure to have Emily accompany us and hopefully, will do again in the future.

The wedding breakfast was a great occasion and as Paul, Francesca and their guests relaxed and enjoyed their food and drink we played a selection of hits including ‘American Pie’, ‘Faith’ by George Michael and also serenaded Paul with our version of ‘Sweet Caroline’, substituting the lyrics for ‘Sweet Paul McGuire’, which everyone joined in with heartily!!

As we gave Paul and Francesca an introduction to their speeches with ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ we could tell that the party was only just beginning to get started!


A big, heartfelt thank you goes out from Rock My Reception to the newly wedded Mr and Mrs McGuire. It was an honour for us to play for you and your guests at your afternoon reception. We wish you all our very best wishes for your new wedded life together and hope you both have a fantastic honeymoon.

Lartington Hall Rock My Reception

Rock My Reception acoustic wedding band at Lartington Hall…

Sometimes, one wedding celebration just isn’t enough; the venue is perfect, the couple and their guests are having a ball and nobody wants the day to end. Sadly, after every possible droplet of alcohol has been consumed, morsel of the buffet nibbled and shape has been thrown on the dance floor, even the most hard core of party animals have to concede that its time to let nature take its course, reluctantly retire to the boudoir and fall into a deep slumber.

But when you’ve hired such a splendid venue as Lartington Hall, as couple ? and ? did, why not really push the boat out and carry on the celebrations through to the following day?

This was to be another first for Rock My Reception as we’d never played a post-wedding party before and the destination was Lartington situated in the splendour of the Teeside hills just a few miles from the town of Barnard Castle. Lartington Hall is a 17th century, Grade II listed country house and as we made our way along its long, sweeping drive the abundant wildlife including a wild hare and Oystercatcher, seemed completely oblivious to our arrival!

As with all our trips to the various locations in the country we always give ourselves plenty of time to arrive and set up for a prompt start and, as it turned out, there was no need for any amplification to be set up as because of objections from neighbours, the playing of amplified music outside was prohibited. This is never a problem for us as it means we are not rooted to one spot and can move more easily to wherever the guests congregate without having to unplug and set up again elsewhere.

Upon our meeting with Bride and Groom ? and ? we were surprised how bright-eyed and fresh they both looked after celebrating only the day before; some of the guests, however, looked a little delicate as they sheepishly recounted stories of shenanigans involving various fancy dress items! Right from the offset, we could tell that ? and ? were a dynamic couple who did their upmost to ensure guests were well entertained. The younger guests were treated to the fantastic Children’s Entertainer Mr Bungle who delighted them with Magic, Puppets, Balloon Modelling, Music and Party Games. Not only did Mr Bungle do the rounds, but a remote controlled toy drone was also to be found floating around the vicinity (much to the envy of the adults, who clearly wanted a go themselves!).

It was decided that as we were playing unplugged that we should convene outside the main doors of the hall, which we did for a few songs until the breeze got the better of everyone so we decided to play inside in the main foyer. After a few more tunes it became obvious that the main focal point was by the splendid, and healthy buffet, which had caught everyones eyes, so we finally opted to play for guests as they queued.

? and ?, plus all their guests had a great taste for acoustic based bands and singers, so plenty of Ben Howard, Paolo Nutini and Jake Bugg was on the menu, including a request for Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ as a final request of the day.

The acoustics of Lartington Hall leant itself brilliantly to that of pure, stripped down, unplugged instrumentation and the whole house itself was perfect for guests to mingle and chat without being rooted to one spot. When we had finished our set, just when we thought the celebrations maybe coming to a close, ? told us that she and ? were setting off the following day for a honeymoon in Las Vegas. There certainly was no stopping this energetic and delightful couple, and who knows, they may have even got to meet The King himself on their travels!