Polhawn Fort Wedding Band- Rock My Reception

Polhawn Fort in Rame near Plymouth is the setting for acoustic band Rock My Reception’s blog…

It’s the tail end of July 2015 and Rock My Reception has been brought to one of the most scenic and cinematic locations Britain has to offer, for this was the wedding of Steph and Jamie at Polhawn Fort, a deeply romantic and historic Napoleonic Fort situated on the coastal region of Rame in Cornwall.

Being from Yorkshire both myself and Kieran have already been spoilt by some of the most beautiful countryside views this island has to offer, however the South-West has it’s own unique splendor which is magnified during the summer period. Indeed today the weather is a scorcher and what with the breathtaking clear blue seascape and palm trees nestling amongst the greenery these tell-tale signs remind you just how closer you are to the equator.

Infact, it was not only ourselves who had travelled down from the North to be here, but most of Steph and Jamie’s family and friends had made the journey from Cheshire and North Wales also. The payoff for the long journey was apparent as soon we arrived; this was a perfect venue for a wedding party and as close to a luxury foreign location as you could get. Sun, sea and a beautiful vista stretching out for miles.

Upon our arrival we first made our way down a granite spiral staircase from the fort down to The Garden House where the ceremony was about to take place. As guests began to take their places we seated ourselves to the side of the proceedings to play our chosen pieces. Steph had liaised with Kieran in the previous weeks and decided on our acoustic version of Christina Perry’s ‘Thousand Years’ for her grand entrance, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Tenerife Sea’ and Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ for the signing of the register. Fine choices and Jamie and Steph even danced down the aisle to our rendition of The Imagine Dragons’ ‘On top of the world’ which was lovely to see a couple looking so relaxed and we could tell immediately that they were both into their music, as were the guests.

We then made our way back up the granite stairs to the roof area of the fort to play a selection of requests for guests ranging from Bowie to Oasis. Whilst we played the guests chatted and were served champagne, fresh ice creams and freshly baked scones in the Mediterranean-like sunshine. The sea-gulls circling high above could only have been watching the proceedings with sheer envy!

Just prior to the wedding breakfast function in the Marquee we were all invited to join Steph and Jamie on the forts private beach, a short walk down a winding path along the cliff side. The guests joined in the fun and frolics rolling up their trousers and finery for a paddle in the sea whilst we provided a soundtrack of sea related tunes like The Beatles ‘Octopuses Garden’ and Rod Stewarts ‘We are sailing’!

At first Jamie and Steph were about to take to their seats without a formal introduction, however Kieran suggested the idea of announcing the couple and acquired a gong from the staff to grab everyone’s attention as I sang ‘All you need is love’ as they made their way to the head table. Obviously we never want to be obtrusive and detract in any way from the couples big day, however if we can provide any extra touches to embellish the day we will certainly always do our best to seize an opportunity.

The speeches were not only warm, hilarious and filled with anecdotes from their first date at the cinema through to their time at uni together. As the meals were presented to the guests we started getting more and more requests and got everyone singing along to ‘Brown eyed girl’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’. One guest even remarked ‘I don’t know how you both know so many songs; you’re like a fleshy jukebox!’ This is one of the most brilliant descriptions of us I’ve ever heard and may use that on my passport!!

Time was ticking on and the scorching weather was dying down to a more comfortable warm breeze. We carried on till 8pm more than happily taking requests from the guests who had been so kind as to keep bringing us glasses of water and Steph even invited us to grab some tea from the buffet. Another magical point of the evening occurred when Dolphins were spotted in the sea giving an impromptu performance to the gathered spectators. Not many couples can claim to have had Dolphins at their reception!

One superb wedding supplier who definitely shouldn’t go without a mention is that of Christian Michael, the photographer who took some masterfully epic photos that day. As an extra treat for Jamie and Steph we asked them if they would once more like to be accompanied to the beach for a final soirée as the sun was going down. They both agreed so ourselves and a handful of guests made our way to the beach which looked majestic in the warm orange glow of the sun sinking into the horizon. Christian, effortlessly set up the cameras tripod in readiness to capture the moment of the sun going down with Jamie, Steph along with friends posing for some of the most priceless shots we’ve ever seen- we were also invited to join them for a couple of shots as we sang ‘Hey Jude’ into Elbow’s ‘One day like this’. A truly memorable moment and we honoured to be a part of it.

As a farewell to Steph and Jamie and their guests we finally played the Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’ as we marched up the steep pathway back to the Forts Garden Lawn: a certain test of endurance for all!!

We were so thrilled to be a part of Steph and Jamie’s wedding on what was such a perfect day from start to finish. Rock My Reception would like to take this opportunity to wish them both, and their family and friends, all the very best for a happy future.

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