Can you spot these rock stars before they were famous?

How many of these Rock Stars can you identify before they were famous?   Before they were hounded by the paparazzi, employed stylist to attend photo-shoots and had chance to air-brush away any discrepancies- here is a look at some early pictures of Rock ‘n’ Roll stars before they hit the big time. Answers at the bottom of the page…..


Butter wouldn’t melt! This angelic looking child shows no sign of the feuds which would follow!


Before the Stetson and tight fitting jeans, it looks like this rock-star-to-be needed to invest in some ‘greasy hair shampoo’


I bet this bass player had to resist the urge to give a cheesy thumbs up when this photo was taken!


What a handsome young man!


Before the tattoos and beehive, can you tell who this well turned out teenager is?


Having a famous Dad always helps you ‘Smile’


An enthusiastic Oasis fan is interviewed queuing up for his copy of ‘Be Here Now’


Looking back, I reckon this star in making wish he had kept his dentist appointments


You would have no idea from this picture that he was going to be such a big star……


A calf lick before the quiff

Answers Top to Bottom: 1. Noel Gallagher 2. Sergio Pizzorno 3. Paul McCartney 4. Shaun Ryder 5. Amy Winehouse 6. Pete Doherty 7. Shane Macgowan 8. David Bowie 9. Morrissey Brought to you by  rock my reception acoustic wedding band blog.

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