Crow Hill Marsden- rock my reception

Rock My Reception are the perfect band for a sound restricted venue, as tour latest blog from Crow Hill, Marden points out…

It’s Saturday 18th July 2015 and 30 years ago a 7 year old me was watching Live Aid on BBC 1 wearing my Spider-Man t-shirt, taking all the rock ‘n’ roll malarkey in!

30 years on and myself and Kieran’s apprenticeship in bands had been served long ago, quite fittingly through playing many gigs in the village of Marsden; and it was here that we were that we were booked to play the prestigious Crow Hill wedding venue.

This was to be our third outing at Crow Hill and today would see us play a drinks reception, wedding breakfast and first dance. We arrived in plenty of time to set up before the happily wedded couple Hayley and Ben, plus their guests made their entrance.

As quite often the case this year, we were lucky with the weather and so being, were able to set up under the venues China Hat open sided Marquee and play to guests for the champagne reception. We weren’t short of requests from the enthusiastic audience, including Rod Stewart favourites ‘Maggie May’ and ‘Handbags and Gladrags’. Other songs requested were hits from Shed 7, The Smiths and ‘She will be loved’ by Maroon 5. It’s always great for musicians to play in the outdoors as you get to fill your lungs full of air, plus it’s great to take in the scenery, particularly of the National Trust Marsden Moor Estate.

After a couple of hours the guests made their way into the marquee which was at its maximum seating capacity of 150 guests. This was a great gathering of family and friends and we played Hayley and Ben to their seats with a rousing chorus of ‘All you need is love’. Throughout the wedding breakfast we played a selection of wedding classics, such as Bruno Mars ‘I’m Yours’ and Jason Mraz, to which we even got a round of applause while guests were eating. This was especially kind and also greatly appreciated as we always maintain that during the wedding breakfast our intention is to play quiet background music- so a big thank you to Ben and Hayley’s guests and glad you enjoyed!

While the wedding speeches were underway we were kindly brought a meal by Crow Hill’s staff and excellent food it was too. The staff then quickly turned around the room for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. Hayley and Ben had asked for George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’- a particular favourite of mine and we were delighted by how many guests joined them on the dancefloor. We continued to play up until 9 o’clock when the DJ took over for the evening. Hayley and Ben’s wedding was so well attended with a great age group mixture and everyone really embraced the day.

It was a total joy for us to be part of Hayley and Ben’s day and would like to not only thank them for booking our services that July day in 2015, but to also wish them a very happy future together.


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