Destination Wedding Spain

Part 2: The Video/Photo shoot

It was decided when booking their Spanish excursion that Rock My Reception should take advantage of the stunning location and use their stay in Spain as a PR opportunity as well as a working at a wedding. The Band had chosen to move on to Torremolinos to make the most of the old town setting and the beautiful Mediterranean beach which would make an ideal photographic backdrop for a destination wedding video/photo shoot. Inspiring to any couple wanting to book a wedding Band for such an occasion.

D&K DAY 1 230-min-2

Kieran and Dom met up with videographer Olly ‘Mr Pictures’ Bostock and Paul Crowther of, late on Monday afternoon. They had worked together several times over the years and had decided to invest in both Olly and Paul’s talents for the Spanish shoot. Alarms were set for 6am as a video shoot conducted by Olly was set up on the beach to capture the sunrise. Timed to perfection, Olly managed to capture the stunning image of the sun peering over the horizon, illuminating both the Mediterranean and Kieran and Dom who were holding a guitar and Ukulele. The shoot on the beach was relatively simple as most people, save for the odd early morning jogger, were still snoozing. By 8:30 it was breakfast time and Paul decided to take a walk around Torremolinos for a recce to find interesting locations to shoot the following day. Although there was much to shoot in Torremolinos, it was important to get the right footage. Kieran and Dom wanted to put the emphasis on ‘classy’ and ‘other culture’-getting footage by the main tourist strip would have been pointless and this would have ended up looking like Blackpool promenade. They opted for the backstreets of the old town and Olly managed to get footage of the two of them conversing with a couple of elderly female residents, both of which had brilliantly characterful faces. They then got a taxi to the further stretch of the beach at which airplanes were were coming into land directly above them, providing great segments for their video, emphasising the travel aspect of their services. Sadly, this stretch of beach was also obviously a nudist section and Olly had to be very careful in what he captured on film!

Later on that evening they continued around Torremolinos and managed to get some great footage of the sun setting with them both conversing on the roof of a hotel. After many miles of walking and a brief nap it was decided that they hadn’t got enough footage of them both conversing with other people. Taking their guitars with them, they finally got some great footage of them both playing an Elvis song to a group of girls and also joining in with a local accordion player. The video was now more or less complete.

D&K DAY 1 147-min

Wednesday morning had arrived, again a 6am start and the party had to work quick as their flight was later that afternoon. Paul had, as always, a great selection of locations he had visited the previous day and took Kieran, Dom and Olly across the town, quickly orchestrating a shoot against any backdrop he deemed to be suitable. Such locations were by a phone box, the side of a house adorned with unusual graffiti and a ubiquitous dog! Paul had also been shooting Kieran and Dom in several doorways and had just paused to take a break while an elderly gentleman passed by on his mobility scooter. Olly encouraged Paul to keep snapping and in doing so, Paul managed to capture one of the shoots most iconic shots! A Coca Cola lorry was also used as a backdrop. Anything with vibrant colors was fair game to use in the baking Spanish sun.

After nearly 6 days Rock My Reception had played a wedding and pool party and had conducted a video and photo shoot: not a bad double in anybody’s book! As Kieran, Dom, Olly and Paul landed at Leeds Bradford airport in the early hours, they were greeted with a short of rain and chilly conditions, but bringing back with them memories of sand, sun and sea to last a lifetime!

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