Hafod farm – rock my reception

As we finally reach the tail end of our mammoth summer tour of wedding’s, Rock My Reception returns to one of the first venues we began this epic trip with, back in May at the North Snowdonian venue of Hafod Farm. With it’s stunning scenery, the charm of a tastefully converted 16th century farm buildings along with friendly, hardworking and accommodating staff, Hafod Farm ticks all boxes for the perfect country wedding.

Today we were booked for Anna and Ali’s night reception and had been given a list of songs to choose at our discretion. They had their ceremony earlier that day at a church some 45 minutes away and the afternoon/evening reception was a relaxed occasion befitting the whole ambience of Hafod Farm. A Fish and Chip van supplied some fine food for the guests. Weddings are often a whole day of perfect moments you can capture in photo’s or just simply your minds eye. On our approach to the venue we saw guests chatting happily, bridesmaids running over to stroke an excited dog who was also enjoying the day! The whole relaxed atmosphere as the sun set over the hills of Conwy was one of those very moments you’d want to bottle and keep forever.

Anna and Ali had chosen U2’s ‘One’ as a first dance and because of the local councils insistence on unamplified music we played, literally, unplugged; one of the benefits of being an acoustic outfit. The owners of Haford Farm, Pete and Jo, had worked tirelessly at the venture and were in the process of installing noise limiters to ensure the noise of any entertainment shouldn’t exceed the acceptable levels dictated to by the council. A difficult line to tow when a local farm tries to diversify and provide a profitable local business to the area, yet are faced with the inevitable obstacles. Jo and Pete certainly try their best to placate the council without compromising the enjoyment of the couple and their guests.
On both occasions we have had the pleasure of playing at Hafod Farm the ambience and party atmosphere had always had a campfire-style rustic quality which makes a change from the usual ear-drum bursting beats of a DJ set some weddings opt for.

Not only were Anna and Ali a charming and friendly couple who’s hospitality knew no bounds; we were looked after, fed and watered with abundance! Their guests were also delightfully forthcoming with their song requests and were joyously dancing to our songs.

We’d like to thank Anna, Ali and their guests for being such a delight to play for and also to Jo and Pete for having us play at their wonderful venue.

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