Harrogate to Middlesex

So, here we are- the final two months of 2014 left and the general feel around is that of all things autumnal. Wedding season for us hasn’t seemed to finish though, entertaining with the acoustic guitars is what rock my reception do best and with wedding’s still been our main focus at the moment….However the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in. Although milder than usual, the familiar whiff of fireworks drift through the air around towns and villages and huddles of children make their way round the the estates donning their Halloween masks and trick or treating the living day lights out of everyone!

This weekend has certainly brought it’s seasonal accoutrements to the weddings played at by Rock My Reception. The first was an afternoon reception and evening function we played at Rudding Park in Harrogate, North Yorkshire; A Regency-style Grade I listed country house with a holiday park and golf course. The location was stunning and, luckily, as the weather held out for the day, we managed to situate ourselves outside for the drinks reception, ideal for an acoustic duo to play totally acoustically.

Our evening set was preceded by an impressive display of fireworks which lit up the sky and echoed for miles around the North Yorkshire valleys and provided a grand hiatus between the wedding breakfast and evening function. The couple had chosen ‘You’re in my heart’ by Rod Stewart as their first dance and showed great spirit in performing a choreographed routine they had been practicing. We played for 2 hours solid and the guests hardly left the dance floor- only to be briefly vacated when someone dropped a wine glass!

The next wedding we played the following day was a good 200 miles south in Harrow, North West London at the Grims Dyke Hotel. This grand nineteenth century hotel once belonged to dramatist W.S. Gilbert and his wife and is a splendor to behold. Rock my reception had the privilege of performing the evening function in what was Gilbert’s music room. The hall was lit by candlelight which gave the place an already spectral ambience. We noticed a small balcony situated high above where we were playing and asked the night porter how this area was located. He kindly showed us a narrow, secret spiral staircase which led to the balcony. It was only when, on our way back down, I felt a tug on the back of my head to which I realised there was nobody there. The night porter then explained that there had been several sightings of a lady who was looked after by Gilbert and his wife who reputedly haunted the premises!

Whoever the phantom hair-puller was, they must’ve been too vexed by Rock My Reception as the night function went brilliantly and guests of all ages got up to dance.

Perhaps even the ghost of W.S. Gilbert himself approved!


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