Location, Location, Location

Huddersfield and beyond for Rock My Reception!!!

One of the main considerations for a couple planning their wedding day has to be the location. To the uninitiated, it is all too easy to presume many couples simply flick through a few brochures, find a venue on which both can agree to say; “Hmm, that’s nice” and book it pronto. The reality is that for most couples it can be a labyrinth of decision making, often culminating in the question of “…but can we afford it..?”. At which point the bride-to-be’s dads heart sinks at the thought of having to sell a vital organ to pay for said nuptials.

Finding the right venue can be a tortuous process, and it’s understandable. The couple want the very best for their whole day: The wedding ceremony, reception, breakfast and evening function. All of which have to be held in the place best befitting the occasion. The location is the backdrop of the day and is vital to the ambience and tenor of a wedding.

As a wedding band, Rock My Reception have had the pleasure of playing at venues big and small, grand and modest, and without risk of a Monty Python nudge-nudge-wink-wink moment, size isn’t everything!!! Some of the most romantic services have been held in small village chapels or the modest setting of a registry office. Many times have a small gathering of guests rivaled a mini-Glastonbury sized wedding party in exhuberance, good humour and Bon homie.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had the pleasure of playing at all manor of weddings. From churches, hotels, restaurants, stately homes, English Heritage Landmarks- even a reception on board a boat on Lake Windemere! The truth is that all of the wedding locations turned out to be perfect as all of the couples were determined to enjoy the day and make it work.

Wherever the occasion, Rock My Reception are always glad to perform and can play at a range of volumes from gentle wedding background music to be heard over post-wedding chit-chat, to a rip-roaring crescendo to get everyone up on the dancefloor.

More importantly, we take pride in all weddings we play at regardless of venue, location and budget. We’ve played in many location’s,though at this point New York has eluded us…but we are open to offers!

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