Noel Edmunds- part of my rise to stardom ;)

Dom from Rock My Reception trying not to be bitter about entertainment in the 90s!…..

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away- well mainly Huddersfield- a 14 year old Doms’ Saturday night would consist of tea and Noel’s House Party. Being too old to be out building dens and too young to be out boozing, the early 90’s proved to be a depressing trough in adolescence. I’m not singling myself out here, by the way. It was probably the same for most people of my age- hormones raging through the body without any forewarning and still not old enough to make any sense of mother natures bonkers gifts. The one recourse was to retreat into my hallowed pit and indulge in the one pastime I could completely indulge myself in: and don’t reach for the smelling salts, I don’t mean ‘that!’ Music. The one saviour of my sanity in a world of Mr Blobby and Noel Tidy Beard!

Hour after hour I’d be almost religiously dissecting songs from the last 3 decades. Learning how chords structures worked, key changes, solos- getting a feel for the instrument. It’s the longest relationship I’ve had in my life other than that of my close family: music and the guitar. As a teenager you soak up information like a spunge. As a teenager I was obsessed with learning songs my parents had played to me as a young lad and by the age of 15 I practically could play all of The Beatles and Pink Floyd’s back catalogue, as well as some of The Shadows hits, to boot.

By the time I was 18, Oasis and the whole indie scene had exploded- I now had my own generations material to learn. Noel E was on his way out- Noel G, beer, girls and playing in bands was definately in!

Fast forward to the present day, now. The salad days of the halcyon 90’s are way back in the dim and distant, but the knowledge ingested and experiences collated from that period are now the mainstay of our performances while playing at weddings for Rock My Reception. When people ask for a song request, that song may have been laying dormant since the 90’s, only to be recalled and sprung back into service after all those years. Whilst other memories have fallen by the wayside it always seems like the ability to remember a song, for some unknown reason stays.
As I previously mentioned, the first songs I mastered on the guitar were old standards from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, lasted building up a 90’s and 00’s catalogue too. In Rock My Reception the tradition continues to constantly learn new material from the past to the present. Rock My Reception’s wedding song list is diverse and we’re never precious about learning contemporary material- whether it be ’16 tons’- an old classic from the 50’s by Ernie T. Ford, or ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J: The list goes on and on.

We always try to cater for all age groups, whether playing ‘Postman Pat’ to pre school wedding guests to Frank Sinatra standards for some of the more senior audience. We’ll certainly do our best to pull out of the bag obscure numbers such as ‘Classical Gas’ by Mason Williams- an occasionally heard instrumental hit from 1969. We can play a selection of Irish traditional tunes like ‘Fields of Athenry’ or ‘Wild Rover’ to the more off the wall crowd pleasers like ‘Duelling Banjos’ or even T.V. Theme tunes like ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

Unlike some other bands, neither are we churlish enough to refuse to play some of the more typical wedding songs such as Van Morrisons ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ or ‘Going to the Chapel’. We have in the past been liked to a human jukebox, and without false modesty, we’re probably the closest thing you’re ever likely to find.

So, thankyou Noel Edmunds for my misspent youth!!

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