Rock My Reception the story so far….

There’s no business like show business. Unless it’s the Wedding Entertainment Industry! And like show business, a very lucrative business it can be too. But, for acoustic wedding  guitarists Rock My Reception the two fields of work dovetailed beautifully and accidentally; here’s how….

Mean while back in Yorkshire:

Two schoolmates in bands in the early 90’s, dreaming of stardom. Whilst others were talking the talk, we were walking the walk; winning battle of the bands, getting singed to small independent labels and even recording at Abbey Road in London.

It was never going to be a clear run, trying to be a rock star from Huddersfield. Granted, Embrace from nearby Hipperholme had cracked it. Years before, Billy Curry from Ultravox made his mark- the consensus in the business, however was big cities were in and sleepy rural towns out.

Myself and Kieran met at school and from 15 years old, right through to our late twenties played in a rock band and worked like Billieo to push our own material and get our name in lights. After a series of successes and setbacks the wheels fell off the wagon.

Our next venture playing as a wedding band ‘rock my reception’ was the golden shot. After finding a gap in the market, and with 20 years experience we achieved plaudits and awards within the wedding industry and have now developed

As well as the fans and well-wishers, we too encountered derision and pernicious comments from often, lazy jealous types who’d try to crush your spirits further when the chips were down.
Rockstardom wasn’t to be, but with a change of tack (and name) Rock My Reception was born and after winning awards and plaudits the wedding entertainment industry now dances to our beat.
As a measure of it’s success- a sister project to Rock My Reception; has been formed whereby prospective couples can design their own wedding website.
Rockstardom may have slipped our grasp but inadvertently, we certainly took a firm grip on the wedding entertainment industry in the process!

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