Out Of Season Weddings with Rock My Reception

Acoustic wedding band rock my reception and winter weddings:

Inspired by the thoughts of cosy weddings surrounded by open fires, the snow coming down out side and imagine rock my reception playing acoustic guitar for your guests!… an out of wedding season wedding seems like an attractive prospect. In a previous blog I mentioned that we were looking at ways of introducing couples to our Winter/Spring wedding discount packages-our summer bookings already looking healthy and coming in thick and fast! So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of booking in what is considered to be ‘out of season’.

Firstly, it is important to bear in mind that regardless of seasons, British weather will almost always take you by surprise. You make pick a day in August hoping to be basking in sunshine, only to be greeted by a downpour of biblical proportions. Equally, a Winter Wonderland Christmas Card setting of snow in December will most likely turn out as being a dull and drizzly day like most Christmas’s in the British Isles turn out to be. In short: never take it as red the weather will do as you want it to!

The biggest benefit of booking your wedding in the winter months is reduced rates. In the out of season months suppliers are less likely to be as in demand so you’ll almost certainly be able to hire their services at a discount price. Neither will waiting lists be as long: You maybe waiting for up to 3 years to book a Saturday in August at some venues. A less popular month and day of the week may speed things along if you desire your wedding to be sooner. Choosing out of season months is also conducive to more guests being available to come to your wedding-many guests booking their own holidays over the Summer months. Hotels are also likely to be less busy therefore making finding accommodation easier for your guests.

With regards to choosing a wedding  venue, its safe to say that, especially in the winter months a marquee wedding will be out of the question. Guests certainly don’t want to stand around freezing to death in the sub-zero temperatures of January! The advantage of booking in the Winter period is the opportunity to book somewhere cosy, intimate and warm. This is particularly ideal for smaller weddings. Whether it’s the run up to Christmas or you’re into the New Year you can use sparkling tea lights, green and reds as decorative colours,serve up mulled wine, mince pies and traditional Christmas Fare for guests. Playing acoustic guitar for wedding singers Rock My Reception we’ve had the pleasure of playing several pre, and post Christmas weddings set up in the corner of traditional stone Yorkshire pubs high up on the Pennines. The blazing open fire reflecting in the horse brass as we threw in a few Christmas Carols to give the wedding an extra festive feel. Playing a home-town wedding in Huddersfield, Rock My Reception, the guests, or the couple wanted to leave! With the tartan rugs, stags head on the wall and the snow starting to fall, this was starting to feel like a wedding in the Highlands of Scotland with Rock My Reception’s acoustic music as the soundtrack!
Winter and Spring weddings are also ideal for couples with a limited budget. A town hall ceremony can be just as romantic as a church ceremony and again, solving availability issues. By booking a town hall ceremony, and a city venue to hold the reception down the road you are also cutting down on further logistical problems for guests getting to and from venues.
Finally, across the U.K Rock My Reception are available throughout the year come rain or shine, snow or sun!We are just as at home playing in large summer marquees as we are the corner of a country or city pub in February, and if you are a couple working off a limited budget, to a particular time frame, or simply fancy the idea of getting married in the Winter or Spring months-out of season weddings are a great way of making an extra saving. So why not make your wedding a little bit different!!

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