Pickering Wedding

The date was Saturday the 22nd of June 2019 and the Great British summer had been typically unreliable!The weather was really warm, blue skies and bright sunshine, and nobody could believe their luck! As the bride and groom, Chris and Sarah have decided to hold the whole wedding outside, with just a teepee for shelter should the weather have taken a turn for the worst. Everybody connected to the wedding had all of their fingers crossed.

The wedding was held in the gardens of their private house in the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Pickering. The venue was in the gardens of the Grooms’ family home, and the grounds surrounding the house lent themselves to be a stunning makeshift wedding venue. The ceremony was conducted in a church as a private ceremony up the road and then they had a separate blessing back at the family home, in the gardens and in front of the Marquis as a backdrop.

Zoe the Alpaca

We have performed at many weddings in the past and like to think that we have seen most things which can happen at a wedding. However, this was the first wedding that we had been to where the ring bearer was an alpaca! Believe it or not, the ring bearer was a 5 week-old alpaca called Zoe, who had been left stranded at birth by her mother in a rainstorm. She was adopted by the family of the groom, and was now tame. She took her role as the ring bearer very seriously. She came down the aisle with the wedding rings tied around her neck, trotted straight up to the bride and groom… this really made the ceremony is something special

During the ceremony we played a live version of Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.

The exit Chris and Sarah had chosen was Better Together by Jack Johnson. We then went out and played during the drinks reception outside and had a good sing along with the wedding guests

The bride and groom really wanted to do something different for their first dance, and had chosen to perform a choreography version of The Rembrandts , I’ll Be There For You made popular by the friends TV theme. As we played the song live the bridal party came in with a sofa and sat down on it in the style of Friends, they conducted the choreographed dance moves with umbrellas, it really was quite a spectacle .

I had previously sent the bride and groom recorded version of the song as we were performing it live so that they could get to grips with the timing to fit in with their dance moves. We then played for the rest of the evening and the older wedding guests had a good knees up and drank excessive amounts of beer!!! It’s thirsty work attending a wedding in the sunshine, and I’m sure there were a few hangovers the next morning!!!

We would like to thank Chris and Sarah for being fantastic hosts and hope that we Rocked Your Reception!

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