Planning a Destination Wedding

A couple of hints and tips from Rock My Reception should you be planning a destination wedding

The plethora of choices to hold your destination wedding are endless. Most people have had a vision of their dream wedding since they where little, and a destination wedding can fulfil these dreams.

Destination weddings are changing and fashions in wedding’s abroad are moving as quick as the change we have seen in weddings in the UK over the last 20 years.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on beach in the Mediterranean or in the Bahamas.

Wedding couples now are think outside the box and holding their destination wedding at all sort of exotic and non-exotic locations.

A recent surge in destination wedding’s at wine vineyards in Tuscany in Italy or in the famous wine making region of Bordeaux in France.


A wedding where you will never run out of wine!



A recent trend in wedding’s at buildings of historical significance, such as Rome, Dubrovnik or Barcelona. Or or in the cooler climes of countries like Iceland. Reykjavik’s blue lagoon seems a million miles away from a sandy beach with the sun streaming down, but is still a fantastic location for a wedding abroad.


A venue with a difference, Iceland


You can even marry in the birthplace of you ancestors. Destination wedding are the perfect opportunity to marry and also visit a country, which you may never have though of visiting before.

However planning in advance is a must. Most countries have different laws, regulations and customs to the UK.

Find out about the local weather, the tourist seasons, and how these will have any impact on price, the season could have an impact on the venue and the venue costs.

Think about your vision for your destination wedding, do you want a garden wedding, a church or on a beach.


Include any guests that can’t attend:

Couples now stream the wedding via FaceTime or Skype,, so friends at home can still raise a glass to you, even if they are thousands of miles away.

A great way of including all your guests is to have a separate party back home when you arrive back from the destination wedding. It also extends the celebrations.


Go with the flow:

Don’t let the organizing completely spoil the wedding. Of course there will be more to organize than the average UK wedding but you need to strike a balance, trust your wedding organizer and go with the flow.

Correct paperwork:

Remember admin can take months to arrive so don’t leave these to the last minute!

Don’t underestimate local expertise and knowledge:

A wedding planner who is an expert in the country is a must when planning a wedding abroad.

Rock My Reception recently performed at at destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The bride and groom had liaised extensively with Iva Hrdlicka, from Dubrovnik Events, they are one of the country’s leading event organisers and Iva assisted the couple to make sure they had the best local suppliers and the helped out with any wedding suppliers coming in from the UK


Plan well in advance:

Planning ahead is a must to make sure you have reserved enough hotel rooms and plane tickets for your guests.

A good rule of thumb to consider is that the further you intend to travel, the less guests that will attend.

Helpful websites:

Websites like are great for a destination wedding as the link to Google maps help guests see exactly where the location is a familiarize themselves with the venue, surrounding and country.



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