Podcast Roadshow with TWIA

We always wanted our podcast to be as interesting as possible, for any wedding couples who are looking for that little bit of alternative information to help with their wedding planning.

We thought the best way to get a real cross-section of views, ideas and opinions from a variety of people involved within the wedding industry was to invite them onto the show. Rather than just do a Skype interview or a phone call, we decided to get in the car and travel out to see them, to have a thorough chat before-hand and really pick their brains for any unique ideas and useful information that we could discuss on our podcast, to benefit the modern bride and groom.

One person who has a real insight into a complete range of wedding suppliers is Damien Bailey from The Wedding Industry Awards. Not only is he the founder of The Wedding Industry Awards (or TWIA for short) he also was and still is a very successful wedding photographer. So we jumped in the car and drove the 490-mile round trip to go and see him, at his home and offices in Farnham.

On the podcast, we discuss what his motivation was to create the TWIA and why the awards offer so much as a fantastic hub to wedding couples, looking for the best wedding talent the country has to offer. He also describes the judging process. Initially, the suppliers all have to ask their previous bride and grooms to complete a rate, review and score their business. All the winners get to see their client reviews. This is really beneficial for a wedding supplier, to get to see what couples like and maybe even dislike about their service. We found it a fantastic insight into how wedding couples had rated our service at previous wedding’s. We put our voter’s comments online as found that they made for great testimonials for future bride and grooms to read before they booked our services.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, feel free to share it or listen again. Also thanks to Damian for spending the time with us on the episode!



Here are some samples of the reviews we had back from TWIA



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