Portugal, A destination wedding with Rock My Reception

Sun, sea and serenading through Portugal with a Ukulele-Rock My Reception are invited to play wedding reception at international footballer Luis Figo’s hotel near party capital of Albufeira.

For any musician being hired to perform at a wedding: it’s a big gig. It’s a day the couple have probably been planning for 2 years and will one of the most important days of their married life. So, with this in mind it’s vital that all i’s are dotted, t’s crossed and every eventuality is covered and Rock My Reception know all about preparation.

Kieran, one half of the Award Winning duo explains;

“We were delighted when Emma and Dean chose us to play at their wedding in Portugal and were able to help with their planning stage having played several destination weddings over the years”

How long before the wedding was it that Emma and Dean chose Rock My Reception as their wedding band?

“It was well over a year before the wedding so it gave us plenty of time to book flights, equipment for the event and liaise with the wedding coordinator on performance times, not to mention discuss song choices with Emma and Dean”

Talking of equipment needed, what instruments and amplification do you both take out to a destination wedding?

“We tend to travel light-never take anything you don’t really need. In our case we just take our guitars to be carried in the main luggage hold and pack a ukulele with our clothes! As for amps and speakers, it’d be both costly and a logistical nightmare to ship over all our gear so we hire equipment out there. It can take a while contacting local hire companies in Portugal but it’s certainly worth it in the long run. Sandra from Sonho a Dois Algarve Wedding’s, was the wedding coordinator, she was brilliant and really helped us in sourcing the best local sound company”

rock my reception, ceremony at Suits Alba, Portugal

So, finally the weekend arrived. May bank holiday 2018 and Rock My Reception left an usually sunblessed Yorkshire for the Portuguese peninsula. The destination chosen for their wedding Emma and Dean had chosen was the Suites Alba Resort and Spa, located in the mid-west of the Algarve,equidistant from the main cities of Lagoa and Albufeira. The venue itself built in 2006 and owned by Portuguese footballer Luis Figo is a luxurious complex situated on the Albandeiran cliff tops

With a stunning view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

As always, weather is something you can never plan for. Kieran explains;

“When we arrived the weather was warm but the skies looked a little overcast. The Gods must have been smiling down on us all as the day after, when it came to the big day itself, it was a real scorcher and made for some fantastic photos”

Emma and Dean had decided upon having a 3pm wedding ceremony. This has the advantage of giving the bride, groom and guests all time to prepare themselves for the occasion. It also prevents people from peaking too soon when faced with a day of much eating and drinking! Rock My Reception had chatted with Sandra with regards to their positioning during the ceremony and had liaised with Charlie from Kaleidosonix who provided all equipment for their evening set.

Dean and Emma’s dramatic photo shoot back drop

As a walking down the aisle song Emma and Dean decided on the opening theme from Forest Gump. Dominic explains;

“Yes, that was a completely inspired choice of a bridal entrance piece, but when you actually listen to it, it’s a beautiful piece of music and translates great onto the guitar. Dean told us that he was a massive fan of film composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri. We thought it was an excellent choice of music and shows you don’t have to go for the obvious”

Stunning views

After the ceremony, which was conducted in both Portuguese and English, Rock My Reception played for the guests taking requests throughout the drinks reception.

Rock My Reception playing a cover of the Ben E King classic Stand By Me in Portugal.

The evening had a very bespoke quality to it!

Kieran explains;

“Emma and Dean, and the majority of their guests were from Huddersfield and big Huddersfield Town supporters so we decided to play them a medley of songs linked to Huddersfield Town chants! They went down a storm and had everyone up dancing”

And the party didn’t finish there: after the 11pm kerfew the Rock My Reception lads were invited to carry on the party into the main strip of Albufeira. Dominic remembers;

“Since we knew many of the guests we thought it’d be fun to join them for a couple of drinks in town. I decided to bring along my ukulele and the coach trip to Albufeira turned into a kind of charabanc trip with everyone requesting songs and singing along. It’s moments like that we’ll remember forever!”

Kieran and Dom would like to thank all the staff at Suites Alba Resort, Sandra from Sonho a Dois Algarve the pa hire company Kaleidosonix for all their invaluable help and last but not least Dean and Emma for hiring their services on what was a wonderful destination wedding.

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