Rock My Reception Acoustic Wedding Band For 2014

Its been a whirlwind start to 2014 and rock my reception are both looking forward to the next few months when wedding seasons really kicks off….

The run up to all the various 2014 weddings has been spent discussing option with brides and grooms, learning songs for playing down the aisle and first dances and it will be great to see all the hard come to fruition on each wedding day. There is no better feeling of satisfaction of knowing you have helped create the sound track to the day, and enhancing the emotion of the wedding couple and guests with the perfect songs for the occasion.

Not only is it fantastic to see the bride and groom on the day but we are also looking forward to heading back to some of our favourite venues we have played in the past up and down the country. Its always great catching up in the new year with suppliers we have worked with in the past and exchanging stories of last year. Whenever we get to play at venue which prides itself in only giving the best service for a wedding couple, we find ourselves surrounded by only the best wedding suppliers, the wedding industry really lends its self to people who are totally passionate about their work.

The next few blogs I will add are a journal of the last few months we have got off to an exciting start this year, winning The Wedding Industry Awards Newcomer, the regional winner for the North east of England for best Entertain meant and the Wedding Ideas award for Best Wedding Entertainment.

Also I will report on our latest and most exciting partnerships we have made this year with The Professional Entertainers and Guides For Brides and playing back at some great venues like ‘Weddings and Wellies’ in West Yorkshire and ‘The Fir Grove Hotel’ In Warrington

Keep checking the blog and here is to a exciting 2014!


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