Rock My Reception Acoustic Wedding

Armed with just their voices and acoustic guitars Rock My Reception recently played for Scottish guests at a wedding. 

The crowd were great and the stage and dance-floor were shared by both the band, the guests and the bride and groom. The wedding guests took the lead on the vocals and even harmonised throughout the songs. Rock My Reception played renditions of Donald Where’s Your Trousers, Caledonia amongst other classics from the Highlands and Lowlands of bonnie Scotland! The night finished off with a version of 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.

The band were asked not to bring any amps- just completely unplugged and see where the night would take them. Thats the benefit of hiring Rock My Reception for your wedding, there are no constraints with from kits, amplifiers, leads and expensive equipment. The rock my reception adage is…Its just good old fashion live music as live music should be….2 voices, 2 acoustic guitars and a crown buzzing off every song adding to atmosphere of the wedding.

Rock My Reception are always willing to tailor make their set-list to suit the wedding couple, weather they are into modern indie music or more eclectic tastes whey will cater for you. This is a great example of how they are more than happy to play exactly what you and your wedding guests would like to hear!

So here is some footage from the wedding described above, I hope you enjoy watching and listening!


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