Rock My Reception in the studio

For any musician or band, promoting and publicising your material is a vital necessity of the business. Whether it be updating your image or making sure you have new material to show your audience on any of the social media outlets, change and renewal will ensure you stay in peoples consciousness.

Over the last few years we have had several photo-shoots to reflect the changing trends within the wedding business and have also uploaded a number of videos of us performing a mix of songs for prospective couples to view on YouTube. We have recently added another video to this collection showing the process of recording in the studio and how ‘layering’ a songs tracks in the studio can dictate how we play the song live.

The song we chose to record for the film was Dakota by The Stereophonics. A driving, popular indie hit from 2005, it was a great choice of song to strip down to its acoustic bare bones. For many musicians the natural corollary, when handed an acoustic guitar and asked to play an acoustic version of a normally heavy song, is to transform it into an aching, soulful ballad. As Rock My Reception we’ve always maintained the idea of keeping the songs energy and pace, whilst giving it a lighter, folkier feel. The instruments we chose for the recording were the 2 acoustic guitars we use live: steel and nylon strung, a 12 string acoustic, bass guitar and some light percussion to keep the beat. When recording, the danger can be to overcrowd the recording, so we tend to record several tracks and take out the surplus in the final mix. Grant Henderson at Loom Studio has an expert ear and knows instinctively what to leave in and what to keep out. Less is definitely more.

The studio filming was carried out by the brilliant Ollie Bostock whom we have also worked with previously, and the mellow black and white footage with its subtle lighting gives the film a real sixties feel.

So, there we have our latest offering. A two minute short illustrating how different instrumental elements of a song can be retained and transferred to an acoustic genre. Hope you enjoy!


Here is the link to the trackā€¦ rock my reception wedding band, dakota


Screenshot 2015-02-17 10.07.05

Rock My Reception pictured in Loom Studios, Yorkshire.

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