Rock My Reception the Ukulele Wedding Band

Ukulele Wedding Band Rock My Reception:

Here is a blog from Yorkshire wedding band Rock My Reception playing ukulele at wedding as a profession and as a hobby with an over 60s group! I hope you enjoy……

”Where the hell have you been?”

“Charming!”, I thought. Not the reception I’d come to expect from the over 60’s Ukelele club but, a greetings a greeting and better than going unnoticed. I’d been invited to join the group a few months earlier at a local Masonic function we were playing at. The Grand Master approached me- at first I thought he was going to ask me if I wanted to become a Mason, alas, it turned out he was enquiring as to whether I played the Ukelele and would I like to join the local over 60’s club.
“Sure”, I said. “Aren’t I a bit young to qualify?”

The Grand Master looked me up and down.

“Oh, don’t worry-you’ll fit in fine”
So, there i was: from acoustic singer and in a wedding band honorary member of Shelley over 60s Ukulele club, meeting every Monday afternoon for 2 hours. The only problem being that in recent weeks, Rock My Reception commitments had kept me from a couple of classes.
“Weddings going well then, Dom. We haven’t seen you play local for a while?” one of the group enquired. I began to tell them that over  the summer months weddings took priority over local pub and restaurant gigs, and that the long term plan was to eventually reach a point where we were playing weddings all year round. And weddings is where Rock My Reception are now focussing our energies…
2014 has been a fantastic year for us. After rock my reception won the wedding industry award in January, not only did we gain an unprecedented number of bookings for this year, but also 2015 and even 2016. One of the problems of being a single wedding band is that there are only 52 weeks of the year and that there tend to be ‘hotspot’ days in the year where you may get several booking enquiries. Unfortunately, we cannot duplicate ourselves so we can only take the one booking. The more enquiries we get for a particular day, the more that day becomes a premium wedding date and the price has to reflect this. The particular busy months this year have been May to October; August being particularly Wedding lead. In order to give as many people the chance to book us for their wedding during the premium wedding period, we will try to split the day into two. For example, this year we have played a ceremony and afternoon reception in Hornsea, packed up at 6:30pm, jumped on the M62 and played an evening reception at 9pm in Wakefield. It can be an intense experience, you’re up against it, but a very enjoyable one and the reward comes at the end of the day when you’ve played at two weddings, miles away from each other and both couples were overjoyed with your performances.

As bookings for the late Spring/Summer months of 2015 are coming in at a healthy rate, Rock My Receptions focus in the next few weeks shall be focussing on Winter and Spring packages over the January-April months. As these months aren’t considered to be premium dates we shall be offering reduced prices throughout this cooler weather period. I’m also happy to put my over 60’s classes to use and serenade a couple down the aisle with a Ukelele number if desired!


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