Singing In The Rain With Rock My Reception

Acoustic guitars come rain or shine has inspired this weeks blog from Dom from Rock My Reception:
Living in Britain has plenty of advantages for a wedding couple. There are beautiful, medieval churches or grand town halls to hold your ceremony. There are plenty of scenic locations to hold your reception- many of which we’ve played at could have easily doubled for a middle earth set in Lord Of The Rings. Also, everywhere in The U.K. is comparatively reachable for guests to travel to without having to spend money on an airline ticket and be herded off to an unknown land with all the fear and trepidation of the England football team.Sadly, the only drawback for a wedding set in this green and pleasant land is the inevitable, unpredictable nature of the weather. No matter what month you plan a wedding, you can guarantee the weather will do something atypical for that time of year. When brides and grooms look to hire┬áRock My Reception wedding band, we’ve turned up at weddings where you’d expect baby lambs to be gambolling amongst the daffodils, instead, to be 3 foot deep in snow and everyone suffering chill-blanes. Equally, in seasons more associated with inclement weather, we’ve been basking in flag-cracking temperatures, almost dying from sun-stroke. Its the nature of the beast, it’s out of your hands: you can’t plan for British weather.So, what do you do when the heavens decide to open and unleash rainfall of biblical proportions upon your gathered throng? Well, the good news is that any wedding venue worth its salt these days are prepared for such occasions. Marquees today could probably withstand a 50 megaton nuclear blast and umbrellas are always on hand to escort the guests from their cars to the main location.
All that said, these preparations don’t make up for the fact that the whole day has been a total washout- scenic location photo opportunities thwarted, the outdoor wedding reception for people to stroll and chat ┬áleisurely in the summer air has been reduced to a huddled mass gathered under a tarpaulin sheet, hoping that at some point the tumultuous, raging storm will finally bait.
The reality is surprisingly different to the bleak picture I’ve just painted, however. In our experience of playing at weddings that have fallen on rain-soaked weekends people are so hell-bent on enjoying themselves and making the best of the day that a kind of gung-ho, British wartime spirit takes over and can result in an even more memorable party atmosphere than perhaps may have occurred in the serenity of a clear summers day.
Only recently we were playing at a wedding where we had already decided to set up under the marquee- a decision based on us checking out the weather forecast earlier that day which predicted ‘light showers’. Nobody could have prepared for the oncoming downpour that was about to unleash itself upon the venue and the surrounding area.
Luckily, all photos had been taken earlier, albeit with a grey backdrop. Incidentally, photographers these days can enhance the photos to artificially brighten up the settings. As the guests gathered at the main entrance of the marquee, in the distance heavy rain-laden clouds were sweeping across the valley, ominously descending towards our direction. People starting piling into the marquee as very quickly the rain came down in buckets. As more and more guests were gathered around us we quickly realised this would be a great opportunity to really get the party going. Our setlist immediately changed from more gentle background songs to big party hits. We cranked the volume up on the pa- mainly to drown out the sound of the torrential rain hammering down on the canvass. After a few minutes people were oblivious to the fact that the weather was trying to spoil the wedding day and were singing along and partying like it was New Year’s Eve. The fact that the weather was so bad actually worked in the party’s favour and made it one of the most memorable afternoon wedding receptions we’ve had the pleasure of playing at.
Which just goes to show that us Brits may be unlucky when it comes to the weather, but we certainly know how to sing in the rain!
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