The 2014 Wedding Industry Awards

Rock My Reception are proud to announce we are national winners at The Wedding Industry Awards…

Having been nominated for the award earlier last year we received an email asking us to attend an interview at Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire for our interview with Damien and Anna the Wedding Industry Award founders. We could hardly wait he awards ceremony at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London, as we would be nominated for a National Awards best Industry Newcomer….

Having been told we had already won the regional awards for best live entertainment in the North East of England we were also nominated for the the best new comer which recognises emerging wedding suppliers who’s businesses have displayed unprecedented growth since starting out in 2013. It was also the only award to have a £1000 price tag as well as it was endorsed and sponsored by Guides For Brides. Before they announced the winner they scrolled the names on the display behind of all 38 other shortlisted new comers we knew the competition was fierce so when the announcement came “The Winners of The Wedding Industry Awards Newcomer 2014 is….ROCK MY RECEPTION!” I nearly spilt my champagne down my new jacket!
It was a fantastic night and a brilliant opportunity to meet other passionate wedding suppliers and like-minded people who work in the the industry. The organisers of T.W.I.A certainly know how to put on a good party- a real red carpet event hosted by Sky T.Vs Sarah Hewson with live acts, gourmet food, free champagne and a free bar! It really is the Wedding Industries version of The Oscars!

We left the event for our own ‘after party’ somewhere in the West end of London and the rest is a bit of a haze, jumping in taxis in the earlier hours clutching on to the award! Looking forwards to T.W.I.A 2015….

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