The Rock ‘n’ Roll Generation Weddings!

Rock my reception have had a brilliant start with weddings for 2014. Already a diverse range of brides and grooms, so we have made sure each wedding song played on the acoustic guitar is individually tailored for each bride and groom and their tastes in music.

We played a few weeks ago for a couple tie-ing the knot in their late 60s! It was a pleasure to be asked to perform and we prepared ourselves with our back catalogue of Beatles, Kinks, Rolling Stones etc, knowing that the demographic would be appreciative of this era. And of course the old classic 1960s hits were all in demand. But what was also slightly surprising was the number of modern day hits we were requested to play by the guests of a more senior age bracket.
Maybe we shouldn’t have been quite so surprised…..the 70+ year olds of today are very much indeed; ‘cool’. After all this was the generation which Prime Minister Harold Macmillan address to the nation back in 1957  saying “You’ve never had it so good” To the youth of that era they may have even believed it: Rock and Roll had gate crashed the party with its hip-swivellin’ and freshly important American blues sound, and little did the newly coined ‘teenager’ know that the best was yet to come. In only a few years time, critic Kenneth Tynan would, on live tv, say “F###”, The Beatles would cry “Help!” and people would be fornicating on the streets. Indeed, the youth of Britain perhaps have never had it as good ever since.

So, what ever happened to the generation who invented sex, drugs and rock and roll? Well, for the ones lucky enough to have survived the minefield of debauchery and excesses being a youth growing up in the 60’s brought, they seem to be still rock n rolling whilst tending to their grandchildren. Gone are the days of septagunarians turning up to parties, complaining vociferously about the noise and how they ‘can’t stand this modern rubbish’.

So it should be no surprise when in 2014  older generation are equally in tune with what was happening in the current charts. Rock My Reception played at a wedding in Leeds last week, one lady approached us with her granddaughter asking for “Human” by The Killers. I asked the little girl if The Killers was her favourite band, only to be swiftly corrected by her Grandma “actually, it’s for me!” As a live wedding band- Rock My Reception have to be constantly adjusting to keep up the pace with changing music fashions and attitudes.

It finally clicks into place when we saw only recently a sprightly 71 year old Paul McCartney bounding onto the stage at the NME awards ceremony, shared with fellow musicians old enough to be perhaps even his great-grandkids. At weddings nowadays no longer is there a polarisation between young and  old peoples music-the older generation’s tastes are as eclectic as their children’s. From grandads asking for The Killers and Arctic Monkeys to young budding teenage guitarists requesting The Kinks and obscure Bob Dylan b-sides.

Perhaps we all have ‘never had it so good!’

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