Two Grooms Are Better Than One!

Same sex wedding, by Rock My Reception.

This weekend Rock My Reception had the pleasure of playing for not one, but two Grooms at Llangollen’s stunning Luxury Stately Home, Trevor Hall.

When Alan and Neil were planning their big day it was decided that the proceedings should take on an intimate and lively party atmosphere involving around 40 guests comprising of close friends and family. And where better to host this event but Llangollen’s beautiful Grade I listen Georgian manor Trevor Hall, situated in Denbighshire, near Llangollen in North Wales. But who were they to hire to provide their matrimonial musical accompaniment to their big day?

One of the beautiful features of Trevor Hall are the many rooms which have been lovingly restored by owners Louise and her sadly departed husband Louis Parker who purchased the property in 1998. Louise and Louis are huge names in the music industry working with acts such as All Saints, Bewitched and Boyzone. Many of the rooms in the property are adorned with Gold Discs and Showbiz paraphernalia, plus other curiosities such as antique fairground arcade machines and a life size Dalek! The size of the building was perfect for the number of guests Alan and Neil had invited but they needed a band accessible and compact enough to set up in the cosy setting. After finding us on the internet and deciding we would be perfect musically and logistically, the next step was to decide on what music would be chosen for the ceremony.

It was decided that as Alan and Neil descended the oak staircase we would be situated behind the embroidered curtain and would accompany the happy couple as they made their entrance with Madonna’s ‘True Blue’; a great song to play acoustic and a first for us! For the signing of the register they chose The Waterboy’s ‘Whole Of The Moon’ and U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’, concluding the ceremony with Phil Collins ‘Groovy Kind Of Love’ as the entourage made their way outside for photo’s.


Trevor Hall in Wales


It was a complete pleasure for us to play for Alan, Neil and all their guests. We were even invited to join them for their wedding breakfast and their hospitality and kindness was immeasurable. Not only did we get to take requests we’ve never played before such as Jim Reeves’s ‘He’ll have to go’ (we always relish the challenge of playing a song we’ve never tried before-as musicians it keeps us on our toes and hopefully, exemplifies our versatility) we also managed to play a couple of requests on Trevor Hall’s luxurious Grand Piano. Alan and Neil didn’t request a first dance, but at the last minute decided to have an impromptu first dance which we played the entrance song True Blue again, rocking straight into Chuck Berry’s ‘Teenage Wedding-Never Can Tell’.


Rock My Reception would like to wish Alan and Neil for inviting us to perform for their big day, their’s and the staff at Trevor Hall’s boundless hospitality, and Louise Parker for having us play at such a beautiful venue. It was sheer joy from start to finish and a day we’ll remember forever.

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