Wedding at Broad Oak Bowling Club

Rock My Reception blog from Saturday 23rd May 2015

A sunny day in Huddersfield is something to celebrate big-style and luckily for Bride Nathalie and Groom Adam, they had chosen this very day as their wedding day! The location was at the sun drenched Broad Oak Bowling Club situated at the top of the Colne Valley. 

One of the benefits of booking your wedding in the spring and summer months is that there is an outside chance of getting some half-decent weather, if you’re really lucky, the day will be a belter, making your wedding photos look colourful, warm and you and your guests can happily choose whether to stay in, or nip out of the venue to soak up a few rays. This day was one of those days that will evoke nostalgia in the years to come. The venue itself was immaculate, the staff really helpful and everyone was in fine spirits and really enjoying the day. Adults were on the dance floor with their children and grand children, the club regulars were leisurely enjoying a bowling match outside in the scenic beauty of the Linthwaite views. Without trying to seem biased; Huddersfield really is of the most picturesque towns the North has to offer, with its Industrial Age buildings nestling in its rich and green countryside.


We had been booked to play the pre-DJ function from 5pm till 8pm, so arrived a good hour before to set up our equipment and soundcheck. The DJ had already set his equipment up on the stage area, which made our job easier as we could easily set up just infront of the stage and made the gig more intimate than if we were higher up on the stage.

At around 4:45pm the guests started arriving so we started there and then, mainly playing a few of our standard catalogue covers. We always enjoy a challenge in Rock My Reception and Nathalie and Adam had specifically asked if we could play some songs by The Housemartins and Paul Heatons second hit-making band The Beautiful South. This was brilliant as, surprisingly as it may seem, we don’t often get asked for songs by these bands too often, though it’s not been unheard of. This gave us a great opportunity to learn some more of the bands hits, such as ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Perfect Ten’ to our setlist!

The whole set was a pleasure to play as it was such a relaxed atmosphere. One of the younger guests announce the cutting of the cake and the first dance, which she did perfectly; a great Master of Ceremonies in the making!

The song Nathalie and Adam chose for their first dance was ‘Only You’ by The Flying Pickets. Yet again, another fantastic song that has somehow never been asked for before, which we will certainly be keeping in our set from now on! Indeed, because it was Nathalie and Adam who first asked us to learn this song for their wedding, we shall always be reminded of that hot afternoon in May, every time we now play it. What was also beautiful about their first dance was how everyone joined them on the dance floor, infact we extended the song by a couple of choruses as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much!


A standout wedding function on a sunlit evening in Huddersfield for a delightful couple who kept everyone dancing right through to the DJs set!

Natalie and Adam, thank you for choosing us to play your reception and we wish you a very happy future together.

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