Wedding Chat: Episode One- ‘Sounds Of The Ceremony’

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On our first episode, we are going to be chatting about some of the do’s and don’ts of having music during the wedding ceremony. We are going to run through some of the hints and tips and recommendations we have when choosing live songs or recorded songs during your wedding ceremony.

We discuss the bridal entrance song and chat through different ideas and songs we have performed in the past as brides come down the aisle. How to make an entrance and fantastic first impression for your entrance.

We also address how to end a song, as the bride makes her walks down the aisle and how this can be altered to fit in with her entrance on the day.

There are also various songs which are appropriate to play during the signing of the register, we are going to discuss which songs work best and how many songs you need during this time.

We then talk about how to leave the ceremony to a round of applause and what type of music suit this moment best.

We also mention other parts of the day which will be appropriate for the music, including hymns, readings and asking the wedding guests and congregation to join in.


After asking on our social media what wedding couples planning a wedding most wanted us to chat about, one of the questions which kept cropping up was questions relating to live music during the wedding ceremony.

So below are a bullet point list of suggestions and ideas with regards to music during the ceremony.


  • There will inevitably be lots of tension and nerves at the is part of the day, not just for your yourself, but for the direct family as well plus groomsmen and best man. So it is important that you don’t have a nervous silence at this point
  • You want guests to relax and enjoy the day, so put your stamp on the day and start as you mean to go on. After all the wedding is a celebration, you want your guests to be happy, so get off on the right foot
  • To help create the rioght atmosphere here it great to have some background music
  • completely acoustic, no goals, just acoustic guitars

the entrance of the bride and bridal party

  • This is such an imprortant moment at any weddinng, so the choice of music here does not want to be overlooked. All eyes on the bride, what is she wearing, family and friends you may not have seen for years and even family from the grooms side of the family you may never have even seen you before, so hits a great opportunity to create a a good first impression and
  • This is a song choice which has got to be personal to you, sometimes it’s nice not to conform.
  • There are a million and one reasons you could choose a song, first song you heard when you got together, holiday song, first film, traditional, or a contemporary song.
  • We recomend each wedding couple should write a short list out of songs they are considering for this and choose the perfect one.
  • Other points to take into account are, swould you like the track to be recorded or played live?
  • Bare in mind the length of your walk down the aisle and how the song can accommodate this. You should bot be walking down the aisle dictated to by the song but the song should fit in with you and it should all seem as natural as possible.

top of the pops countdown for bridal entrance songs

10. i can’t help falling in love with you, elvis

9. the bridal chorus, richard wagner

8. waterfall, stone roses

7. marry me, train

6 songbird, eva cassidy

5. one love, bob marley

4. at last, etta james

3. pachebells canon in d

2. here come the sun, the beatles

1. somewhere over the rainbow by eva cassidy

songs during the ceremony

There are many opportunities for other songs and musical interludes throughout a wedding ceremony. If you are having a church wedding then hymns are great as guests remember them from school, if you having a traditional church wedding.

  • Consider having reading but as one of the songs, so that guests can join in.
  • Remember if you are getting married in a registry office or civil ceremony, then songs with a religious connotation are not allowed.
  • Think outside the box, if you are having live music during the ceremony, maybe mix it up with different instruments or different styles.
  • If you have a musical guests, maybe they would like to sing or play during the ceremony

signing the register

  • Usually need 2 or 3 songs during this part of the ceremony, as it will most likely take between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • explain how signing the register works
  • It’s important not to leave guests alone here and have  silence. So give them somrhting that they can tap their feet to!

exit song

  • For the exot, it is most commnly annoubced by the person takiing the ceremony ‘Pease be upstanding for the new Mr and Mrs (Surname)’ Here there will most definitely be a round of applause
  • Think of a upbeat and uplifting song which has positive lyrics, the formalities of the ceremony are over so let your guests enjoy the start of the wedding celebration.
  • its great to hit the song straight into the crescendo of the track, the chorus

over view

We have list on our website of recommendations of songs with ideas of songs for different parts throughout the ceremony LINK

amplification, chutes high ceilings for that reason, outside ceremonies

keep it personal

doesn’t have to be wedding related or traditional

think outside the box, often these are the nest ideas

hope we have given you some inspiration for song choices


  • Keep it personal to you! Think outside the box. Why not try and be unique and do something different?
  • Consider guests during the ceremony, and it’s a great opportunity to keep them entertained.
  • Think about the location and the volume of music.
  • Take into account any regulation on noise level or types of songs allowed to be played.


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