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Here is blog from Rock My Reception  commenting on Wedding Hand, a website which allows you to create your own personalised wedding website. Wedding Hand will help any Brides and Grooms in the organisational process of the day.

For many a year corresponding with guests before the wedding day was potentially a time consuming and lengthy process. Invites posted out to far flung parts of the globe, hoping that guests receive them, phone call, letters, emails all confirming that they will or will not be attending, were all just part and parcel of organising the wedding day. Wedding-hand is operated by Red League Media owners of love my vouchers.

But now all wedding couples have to do is sign up with Wedding Hand. This enables them to build their own personalised wedding website so  guests can see all the details for the day. They can choose from a variety of themes to match the style of the wedding and upload photos. WeddingHand have made it easy to use so that your guests can see directions to the venue, nearby accommodation, menu choices, gift list and the all important count down to the day!  Guests can then RSVP back to the site and it will appear in the bride and grooms personal data-base. 

So no more answering the same old questions, “Is there car parking at the church?”…….”What time will we be eating?”……..”What are the food choices?”..”When is the first dance?” all you need to do is put all the relevant information on the website and guests from all over the world can access the information.

There are also some great features too. It is linked to Google maps, so as soon as you enter the post code for the venue, a detailed map is incorporated on the site so guests know exactly where to travel to. This then picks up all the local accommodation in the area with Trip Advisor ratings on, so guests can make hotel choices for the night.  You can even add your gift list to the site and so guests can choose gifts from it and all the purchased gifts will be recorded back to your data base!

And on top of all of this.its completely free so you are welcome to take a look and use the site, here is the link…..




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